Monday, October 17, 2016

NOT NULL - SQL Saturday Portland Presentation Coming Up!

I am really excited to present a brand new session this coming weekend at SQL Saturday Portland. In my role as a database performance engineer this past year, I have been keeping notes on some 'gotchas' that come into play with database design and data storage. Thusly, I am very happy to be presenting:

NULLs ...and other SQL gotcha's

Wherein I discuss the ups and downs of NULL usage, what to do when you have 'no data' to store, some pitfalls to avoid and a few other bonus topics as time allows.

Last week, I was invited to give this presentation in front of the New England SQL Server User Group. About 50 or so people attended, and we had a lot of really great discussion about the use of NULL in a database.

I hope to see many at the PASS Summit next week, and while I'm not presenting there, it will be nice to have the opportunity to do so this Saturday!

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