Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I am a Technical Woman

It’s Ada Lovelace Day. Not sure who that is? Look her up.

What makes a Technical Woman? Easy enough answer if you work in a technical field like I do. I’m a database administrator, that certainly qualifies. But what about women who are not in the IT industry? They are also Technical Women.

The nurses and doctors who help women birth babies in the hospital – they are Technical Women
The teachers and care-givers who help our children learn to be technical kids – they are Technical Women
The mechanics and receptionists and administrative assistants who keep businesses running – they are Technical Women

This post is for all the women who may not think they are, but who really CAN be Technical Women:

Women who use a cellphone (and NOT while driving)
Women who watch satellite or cable television
Women who has recorded their favorite TV show
Women who post or watch videos on YouTube
Women who use email
Women who post updates, pictures and take brain-numbing surveys on Facebook


Embrace your technical side. Learn something new today. Change your outgoing VoiceMail message; plug your iPod into your car stereo. You can do it, and you can do it with technology.

To everyone reading: Please encourage your daughters, sisters, neices, wives and mothers to learn and enjoy new technologies. The world is a small place and it changes every day. Let’s not leave anyone in the dark – show them the way and be there to support one another.