Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Election season! Please vote for PASS Board of Directors Oct 5-11

It's that time of year again. If you live in the US, you have an opportunity to have a voice in who will be President for the next four years; who will serve as representatives for your state at the national level; who will represent your district at the state level; etc. etc. etc.

What PASS members aren't always aware of is their opportunity, no matter where in the world you live, each and every year, to vote on who is elected to the PASS Board of Directors. Directors serve two year terms, so there is an election every year to select three (3) of the six (6) Directors At Large.

Once again, I have put my name up for election for our organization. Why? I have currently served for just over 3.5 years on the Board. I have worked hard to keep focus on Community by working on Chapters and Virtual Chapters portfolios over this time. With the growth of the organization and the increases in costs for maintaining the resources PASS provides to Chapters and SQL Saturdays, for example, I have heard rumblings that PASS is not about Community any more.

I am here to state that is definitely not where I see PASS and the Community headed. A vote from you to re-elect me to the Board of Directors will mean YOU have a voice on the board. Change is inevitable. PASS is a growing organization and there will be changes no matter who is elected. What I want to provide for the community is an earpiece and a champion to always ensure YOU are being represented at the table. When PASS started discussions around Business Analytics community, I was the loudest voice in the room stating my support, but only if it meant that no resources were moved from the current community. PASS could not afford to allow the current community to go on as status quo only. If PASS is growing BA community, it also has to not only maintain, but enhance the community it already has.

These are not simple discussions. There are not easy answers or paths to success for most issues. I am here to fight the good fight and keep PASS the great Community organization it historically has been. I love PASS. I love my #sqlfamily. I am happy to represent YOU all on the Board.

Balloting opens today October 5th and runs through next week, Tuesday October 11th.

Please vote!

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