Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Back to Blogging - What is your Quick Escape?

I just attended a great session from Steve Jones (@way0utwet) regarding blogging during the 24 Hours of PASS. Thanks to his inspiration I have made a new commitment to blogging!

As I'm writing, I'm about to head off to my weekly Yoga session. I think it's great that my office offers FREE yoga once per week for anyone who wants to show up. Only being once per week, you may think "what good is that?" You may be surprised to hear that several of us look forward to it so much, we are already talking about it on Monday each week. It's just a few minutes to unwind, and let your mind focus on nothing but YOU. Turns out, it's an amazing tool to increase productivity for the remainder of the week.

Hopefully, there is something in your week, or maybe each day, which allows you a few moments for complete introspection and peace.

I'll check back next week with a more technically minded topic. Until then - have a great Holiday weekend!

Steve's SQL Server Central blog is HERE.

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