Tuesday, September 9, 2014

#Tsql2sday - Passwords

It's another installment of the always fun and informational #TQL2sday series! This time, I'm going to share my super secret method of creating passwords AND being able to remember them. I know, it's impossible, right? How can you possibly have a unique password for every account, plus keep it secure and at the same time fulfill all those darned requirements? Well, dear friends, it can be as simple as KISS.

Yes, there is is: Keep It Simple Stupid Silly

No actually, that it only part of the story. Here is the key: come up with a meaningful sentence that you can recall easily. 

Here is my recipe:
Step 1: "I cannot remember my password for this site!" 
Step 2: Take the first letter of each word: icrmpfts 
Step 3: Substitute captials/numbers where it makes sense: Icrmp4ts
Step4: Add punctuation if needed: Icrmp4ts!

This way, you are really recalling a phrase instead of a word or a series of characters. I have a few key phrases I like to use and they have, so far, served me very well.

Thanks again to our Host Sebastian Meine (B|T) and Adam Machanic (B|T) for coming up with this idea in the first place!

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