Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Hope for the Future

In the locker room at the gym the other day (yeah, again, another gym story!) I witnessed a conversation amongst three high school aged girls. It went something like this: Sue: You're taking Algebra, right? Amy: Oh, of course! I'm having a hard time with squares though. Rachel: Squares? Oh, those are so easy! Sue: But cubes are more fun, I mean, squares are easier, but I like cubes. Rachel: I don't know, squares and cubes aren't too bad - it's the radicals that give me trouble. Amy: I don't get radicals at all. Sue: I just love solving problems with cubes! Rachel: As long I don't have to deal with radicals, I'm fine. Rachel: Does my hair look stupid? If I could have hugged them for having such a frank conversation about an Algebra class, I would have! Best not to be labelled the 'creepy old lady' though... I was so happy to hear very typical girl teenagers talking about math, and worrying about their hairstyle, I could have just popped. The future of WIT is alive, I say! All names are made case you were wondering.

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