Monday, March 14, 2011

Pre-Event Thank Yous

As SQL Saturday Chicago comes screaming around the bend ready to cross the finish line, there are a lot of people you should know so when you see them at the event, you can thank them personally. Without their dedication to a successful (and fun!) day for everyone, Chicago would not be able to present this great resource to the community. Let me introduce them to you in case you weren't aware.

Norman Kelm - the man with the connections and SQL Saturday Superman! Norman has been both the grease and the wheel this year and he deserves majority of the credit for bringing it all together with DeVry and all of our great sponsors!

Ted Kreuger - not many can single-handedly tackle close to 150 submitted sessions and pull together a varied and top-notch schedule for a one day event. Bravo, Ted, and thanks again for wearing this hat!

Bob Pusateri - Lunch this year will be provided by a local downtown food vendor - Mr. Meatyballs! Bob has put in many hours pulling together a scrumptious lunch for everyone, and we get a local celebrity to do it to boot! Move over, Wolfgang Puck....

Bill Lescher - Bill, I'm going to thank you now because I know what's coming. Being in charge of Registration for such an event is a big job with little prep time. With help from my co-worker Rich Rousseau (who actually can't even be at the event and just welcomed a new addition to his family!) I know you will have everything going smoothly.

Aaron Lowe - another of my fabulous co-workers, Aaron has been behind the scenes keeping things in check and making great recommendations.

And, not officially on the staff, but always willing to step in and help out whenever needed, I'd like to thank Jes Borland for coming through with the t-shirts for us! Thanks for your ideas and your perseverance with helping us pull together something people will be much happier with this time around.

There will be (and are) many more Thanks to come, but these people have really been hitting it hard here to make this happen and I hope you find time to thank them when you see them at SQL Saturday in Chicago in just two short weeks!

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