Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My Christmas Wishlist

With Christmas less than 2 weeks away, I've been diligently shopping for family presents. Finally, just last night, my husband asks "was there anything you wanted for a Christmas present?". Well, yeah. But the things I *want* don't make any sense. Not one of them is anything practical or needed...
  1. Amazon Kindle*. I already own one. It's 1st Generation. It has a nice little slot for a memory card. The new ones don't. There is really no good reason I want to replace it other than it's out of date.
  2. iPad*. I have a smartphone. I have a 32GB iTouch. I have a laptop that lives in the living room. Why in the world would I need an iPad? I have no idea. They're just so....shiny....
  3. Droid X phone. I have a Droid already. Again, 1st Gen...I gotta quit early adopting!
  4. an L-Shaped couch. We had to move around some furniture to put the tree by the street-side window. So now we have a chair with an ottoman at a right-angle with the couch. There's the empty corner where we have a sad little side table, but the setup really would be great - IF we had the right couch. So, for now, it's the Clampet's version, and probably for several more years until the wee ones get older.
  5. A flat screen tv for the playroom. It won't be the playroom forever...right? Besides, where else can we play Kinect?
  6. Karaoke machine. I've been so frustrated with the playlists available when I go out (what, like twice a year?!) and after filching some of Aunt Kathi's tunes in Seattle, I'm planning to buy some of my own as well. Now, I just need a method for playing and singing along with them :)
All completely frivolous ideas. None needed. None practical. So, there Santa (if you're listening) there's my TRUE Christmas Wish List, world peace not included.

*Aside - I think I have entered every contest I can think of to win either of these items.


  1. If you do spring for a Karaoke machine, consider one that takes USB Drives. They give you a little more freedom to pick/choose your songs as you can download MP3+G files that you want instead of buying a whole CD to get one or two songs. A lot of those can also play DivX or Xvid files as well. Agreed that it's not necessarily practical, but they can be fun for parties or family gatherings, especially if you get some kid-friendly tunes. When we have little ones over, they really enjoy getting a chance to sing along to the songs.

  2. We use our Wii to sing karoake around here... Rockband, Band Hero, Guitar Hero, Boogie Superstar, High School Musical, and Disney Sing It are all fun, family friendly karoake games with dancing, guitar or other bonus fun!

  3. Wow - Thanks Santa Grant :) I won an iPad from him and Redgate Tools! Plus, a license to SQL Monitor WOWZA!
    This has the added benefit of sort of takes care of Kindle issue to boot :)