Friday, November 5, 2010

The Summit is Coming! The Summit is Coming!

Looks like the trend this year is to write a blog post about where you believe you will be at certain times at the SQL PASS Annual Summit. Seems a good idea to me, so along with a few additional items for your packing list, I'll share my week outlook here, too!

A few items that we normally do not find on a packing list:
  • SQL Saturday shirts - Tuesday is unofficially the Official Wear Your SQL Saturday Shirt(s) Day. If you have one, wear it!
  • Kilt - Wednesday is the official #sqlkilt (twitter tag) day at the Summit. Wear one or be ridiculed. Proper footwear not requried. Neither are bagpipes.
  • MOO Cards - or at least something with information about yourself so people can dig you up later. Or ask you to speak their event. Or invite you to dinner. Or...or...or...
  • Smartphone of some kind or Netbook - anything that allows you stay connected while at the conference. Twitter is Everywhere at the Summit and if you want to stay In-The-Know, you better come prepared.
  • Umbrella - let's face it, if we all bring umbrellas, it won't rain in Seattle.
  • Comfortable shoes - maybe more than one pair. You will be walking. And walking. And walking. And loving it! The company is always worth the walk :)
Okay, here's my tentative schedule as I know it. Feel free to drop me a tweet or email if you want to meet up!

  • Arrive noon-ish. Should be at Westin around 1pm
  • 6pm Registration Opens! I'm planning to buzz over to say Hi to some people and get a free drink from Board member Bill Graziano (thanks, Bill!)
  • Meeting up with people for an Underground Tour (previously booked)
  • Afters, anyone?
  • Photowalk? It Depends...
  • 10am SQL Saturday Roundtable
  • Volunteer Meeting & Networking session with Don Gabor
  • 5:45 Meetup with Orientation Committee group in the lobby of the Convention Center.We will proceed up the escalators to head in to a Pre-Welcome session
  • 6:30 Welcome Reception and Quiz Bowl. Come by to cheer me on as I partner with Allen White!
  • Karaoke anyone?
  • Opening Keynote - I'll be wearing a Red Vest at breakfast and then sitting at the Bloggers table
  • 3:30 Regional Mentor meeting
  • Afters: another pre-arranged party, but surely meeting up at Tap House or somewhere after
  • 9:30 Virtual Chapter meeting
  • 10:15 Chapter Meeting
  • 11:00 WOMEN IN TECHNOLOGY LUNCHEON - If you don't come I will find you and tweak your nose. We will be on the interwebz = LiveStream!
  • 4-5pm Meet the Bloggers table in the Exhibit Hall
  • Sushi Dinner!
  • Gameworks Microsoft appreciation party
  • Karaoke at Bush Gardens after
  • 11:30 Chapters Lunch - I'll be the representative Regional Mentor for the Midwest Region. There will also be a Women In Tech table, so check it out!
  • Late night: The Salsa Shoes are coming out of the bag and it's Dancing time at the Century Ballroom. All are welcome - 9pm Lesson included with $7 admission.
  • Hoping to catch one of the Post-Conference Sessions
  • Heading back home on a 6pm flight

Sessions, sleep and everything else fall in there at some point, too. You're always welcome to stop me if you see me in the hall or come on over and sit with me in a session or lunch! I'm a social creature, and while I have been known to hang out with the Scary DBA, don't let that scare you away!

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