Monday, May 17, 2010

wmiprvse.exe CPU 100%

This has been bugging me for a few days now. You would think a simple Google search would find the answer, as it does for many things. Unfortunately, I found myself duped by the auto suggestions. But, first, let's look at the problem.

It's an old server, out of warranty even. But there's no budget, so I have to keep it functional for who-knows-how-much-longer. Recently, the CPU spikes to 100% and stays there indefinitely. Fortunately, it's a develompment SQL Server and there are only two developers working with it now and then.
A quick search of Task Manager shows the following services taking up all the resources:

Okay, Google - do your thing! Simple, as Googling should be: type in wmipr..oh, look! great suggestions...and here's my problem:

So, why wouldn't I choose "wmiprvse.exe high cpu", it's right there...

I was led astray, dear reader. Long story made short, after sifting thru many articles suggested and not finding anything to match my configuration or my specific issue, I went back and simple Goggled 'wmiprvse.exe'
The first link didn't help, and the second link was back to a Microsoft KB article which I had looked into previously. I figured one more look couldn't hurt, even though I knew the article did not pertain to my specific system configuration.
But wait! At the bottom there...the ever so handy section titled: What Others Are Downloading
Which brings me to this article on Cleaning Up User Profiles
I certainly hadn't thought of that. Looking into the profiles stored on the box (My Computer/Properties/Advanced/User Profiles - Settings) , more than one is labelled "Unknown". Cleaned those out of there pronto along with several others which were just taking up space.
The cleanup service is also set to run so hopefully this will not happen again.

Did it fix the problem? Not 100% (hahaha). I'm still seeing spikes, but at least it's not pegged consistently. More updates to come as I completely exhaust the possibilities for this issue.

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