Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I’m A Square! SQLPass B-I-N-G-O

Here’s something fun going on at the SQLPass Conference in Seattle November 2-6:

(rules and playing cards can be found here)

I’m personally looking forward to meeting people I ‘see’ on Twitter every day. Even though I’m not eligble to play (and win PRIZES), my goal will still be to meet those I haven’t spoken face-to-face with.

Here is a list of the people playing. I’ve marked those whom I’ve met and those who I know from being online and then the remainder is anyone I haven’t ever encountered. They will definitely be at the top of my list. If you find me and need help with anyone I know already, I'll point you in the right direction!

SquareSquareUserNameMy Status
Andy LeonardAndyLeonardNeed to meet
Aaron BertrandAaronBertrandNeed to meet
Aaron NelsonSQLvariantNeed to meet
Adam MachanicAdamMachanicNeed to meet
Allen KinselsqlinsaneoI know Allen!
Andy WarrensqlAndyNeed to meet
Arlene GraywhimsqlNeed to meet
Bill FellowsbillinkcNeed to meet
Bill GrazianobillgrazianoHey! I know Bill!
Blythe MorrowblythemorrowHey! I know Blythe!
Brent OzarbrentoHey! I know Brent!
Brian KelleykbriankelleyNeed to meet
Colin StasiukBenchmarkITNeed to meet
Denny CherrymrdennyNeed to meet
Eric HumphreylotsahelpNeed to meet
Geoff HitenSQLCraftsmanNeed to meet
Grant FritcheyGFritcheyI know Grant!
Jeff RushJeffRushNeed to meet
Jeremiah PeschkapeschkajNeed to meet
Joe WebbJoeWebbI know Joe!
Ken SimmonskensimmonsNeed to meet
Kendal Van DykeSQLDBANeed to meet
Lee Anne PedersenleeannepedersenNeed to meet - my roomie!
Lori EdwardsloriedwardsNeed to meet
Mike WalshMike_WalshNeed to meet
Mike WellsSarasotaSQLIt will be a discovery
Pat WrightSQLAsylumI know Pat!
Peter SchottpaschottIt will be a discovery
Peter ShirePeter_ShireNeed to meet
Ross MistryRossMistryNeed to meet
Rushabh MehtarushabhmehtaI know Rushabh!
Steve Jonesway0utwestNeed to meet
Stuart AinsworthstuartaNeed to meet
Tim BenninghoffbugboiNeed to meet
Tim FordsqlagentmanI know this Tim!
Tim MitchellTim_MitchellNeed to meet this Tim
TJay BelttjaybeltI know TJ!
Todd McDermidTodd_McDermidNeed to meet
Tom LaRockSQLRockstarI know Tom!
Trevor BarkhouseSQLServerSleuthIt will be a discovery
Wendy Pastrickwendy_danceWell, this is me...
Wesley BrownWesBrownSQLNeed to meet
William McKnightwilliammcknightIt will be a discovery

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  1. I tend to be pretty quiet on Twitter most of the time. Glad that I can be a discovery, though. :)